Pure Kona Coffee Means What?

The word Kona has meaning to islanders. She’s is a Lady named Kona the Hawaiian Village which is well known for its sunsets and it’s pure Kona Coffee.

The beans which are cultivated in the southern and northern districts of The Kona Coffee Belt which was made into the famous name brand of Kona coffee in 1978.

Pure Kona coffee is the branded Kona coffee cherry which is famous due to its bold taste and exceptional estate quality. It is an expensive coffee 100% grown in Hawaii and known as the best Kope in the world.

pure kona coffeeBest tropical climate to grow coffee flowers.

The Kona side, the slopes of Mauna Loa and Hualalai are famous for coffee.

The conditions of Kailua Kona are the most favorable for the growth of pure Kona cherries. The heavy sun mid-day rain, volcanic nutrients create balance for large pure Kona bean production with prolific 100% Kona Coffee taste.pure kona coffee

White flowers take about 7 month to make a pure Kona cherry on trees before being 100% handpicked. The pulp process is next and generally done by water separating the 100 percent Kona beans. These 100% Kona coffee beans undergo fermentation, rinsing and drying before the final step of roasting and only after roasting, the 100% Kona Coffee legal for shipping.

Beans from pure Kona trees are classified into type I and type II legally. Type I beans are flat and type II beans are Pea shape known as pure Kona peaberries.  Environmentally protected 100% pure Kona coffee is sold in the sterile form of roast beans and in roasted and ready grind form only.

What is so special about  Pure Kona Coffee?pure kona coffee

100% Kona type characteristics are the best found anywhere in the world which makes it very special. American farmers produce American quality on famous pure Kona Coffee estates. 100% Kona has a truly unique aroma with a sweet slightly chocolate flavor.

Kona Coffee gold roasted in Hawaii.

Pure Kona Peaberry Coffee

Black Gold Estate: pure kona coffee.

Estate: pure Kona coffee :Peaberry